3D printed armor that's ready to print and wear is a great idea for your next costume party. Check out these 7 great models, which won't take as long to make as you might think!

In the past, if you wanted a suit of armor made, your tailor was the town blacksmith. But with 3D printing, you can ditch the blacksmith in lieu of some files, filament, and a whole lot of creativity for some fantastic bespoke 3D printed armor.

We searched high and low to find the best models that have been successfully 3D printed to set you up for success. With any of these 3D printed armor suits, you will sure to be a hit for the next International Cosplay Day or Halloween party.

What is it? The wearable armor of Marvel Comics’ antihero Deadpool (a.k.a. Wade Winston Wilson). Known for his trash talking and healing abilities, Deadpool’s nickname is the “Merc with a Mouth”. This 3D printed armor outfit includes the helmet, chest, thigh and shin pieces with detachable knives. All the gear you’ll need to be the unstable but likable mercenary.

Who printed it? Nikko Industries has a wide selection of 3D printed armor files that have been printed and tested including this Deadpool variant. The site also includes helpful tutorials and some freebies for subscribing to his mailing list.

What is it? You won’t need Tony Starks’ net worth to have your very own life-size 3D printed armor of the MK 6 Iron Man Suit, just patience and a lot of filament. Successfully built and shown at the 2016 German Comic-Con, this Iron Man outfit was 3D printed using a Prusa I3 printer. If you ever wanted to be one of the founding members of the Avengers, now is your chance.

Who printed it? Steffen Scholtes, a.k.a. DaDave, successfully 3D printed this armor and showcased it at the 2016 German Comic-Con.

What is it? Become Halo’s Master Chief with this 10-piece 3D printed armor. Print, paint, and wear the elite green-colored armor of this iconic character to fight against the dreaded Covenant. Trained since birth to be a living, breathing, lethal weapon, MCPON John-117, or “Master Chief”, is the Spartan-II supersoldier of the Halo universe first introduced back in 2001.

Who printed it? The creator printed this suit of armor on a MakerGear M2, although others have done it in different variations. It has been a staple on the cosplay scene for many years.

What is it? Our list wouldn’t be complete without having a 3D printed armor version of DC Comics’ The Dark Knight. To become Bruce Wayne’s alter ego, this full version includes the armor suit, gloves, boots, helmet, and the Bat Utility Belt. Regrettably, you are still missing Caped Crusader’s cape and the Batmobile. However, there are many other Bat Goodies you can still download and 3D print to help fight Gotham’s villains.

What is it? From the popular video game Fallout comes this ginormous 3D printed Power Armor T-60 suit. Taking over 9 months to print and weighing in at 90 lbs, this outfit took third place at the Cosplay National Championship at the Los Angeles Comic Con. It’s creator, Yasu Tono, only started 3D printing in 2016, but he’s certainly made a name for himself with this creation.

Who printed it? Only Yasu Tono has 3D printed this set of armor, likely due to its size and complexity.

What is it? Keep order and stability in the galaxy as an elite Imperial Stormtrooper. Hunt down rebel scum and know that your job is vital to maintaining the Galactic Empire. Roam the galaxy and travel to distant worlds experiencing new cultures and life forms while stomping your boot to their face.

Who printed it? The designers at Do3D have downloaded and tested these 3D printed armor files. They even include a video tutorial when you purchase the files.

What is it? Armor to protect felines venturing out into the wide world. You never know what might happen when your cat steps out the front door, so why not keep them protected with their own (cat) body armor. This armor gives any cat a wicked scorpion-like appearance and makes their arch-enemy canines think twice before approaching them.

Maybe you want to show up at the next Comic-Con with something better than a store-bought outfit. Or perhaps you want to stand out at an upcoming Halloween party. With a set of 3D printed armor, you will definitely be the talk of the town.

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