Here is a list of product releases and updates for late-September from companies that offer services to online merchants. There are updates on payment platforms, shipping applications, social media advertising tools, online marketplaces, mobile marketing, and artificial intelligence services for Amazon.

Pinterest introduces new ad tools. Pinterest has unveiled Shop the Look ads in a new format for mobile, allowing advertisers to tag up to 25 items in an image. Shoppers will now see a showcase of four items and can click to see more. Pinterest has also introduced new business profiles, with video and shop tabs. With this redesign, businesses can also customize their profile cover with videos or images to highlight their story. The streamlined navigation also includes an updated messaging feature for quick customer support and feedback.

Drum launches with $11 million in funding. Drum, which offers businesses access to gig contractors called “Drummers,” has launched with nearly $11 million in seed funding. Businesses can promote products and services at (and at related iOS and Android apps) for Drummers who sell on behalf of the businesses. During the first month, Drum will focus on filling the ecosystem with Drummers and offers from businesses in Atlanta and New York. The buyer application launches in mid-October.

Four European marketplaces launch a single network for merchants. Four European marketplaces — ePRICE (Italy), Cdiscount (France), eMAG (Romania), and (Germany) — which together represent around 30,000 online sellers, have announced the launch of International Marketplace Network, allowing merchants simplified access to marketplaces in four European countries and over 230 million potential customers. Using the International Marketplace Network, merchants now have a unique digital market, as advocated by the European Commission, without increasing costs. “We are proud to be part of this alliance. Together we have broken down entry and cost barriers to transactions and found a way to make it easier for ecommerce merchants to sell across Europe,” says Leonardo Costa, director of ePrice.

Sidecar for Amazon launches to helps retailers with Amazon ads. Sidecar has released Sidecar for Amazon to help retailers with the Amazon advertising platform. The new AI-powered service offers customized campaign structures and bidding strategies to meet retailers’ advertising costs of sale goals. Key features include campaign structure builder, advertising eligibility management, search query manager, bid management, and reporting and data visualization. Sidecar for Amazon adds to the company’s line of cross-channel services, which includes support for shopping and paid search campaigns on Google and Bing, as well as campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

App Annie to acquire Libring, a mobile analytics service. App Annie, a provider of mobile market data and analytics, has agreed to acquire Libring, a mobile analytics company. With the acquisition, App Annie can present market data and advertising analytics side by side, helping mobile publishers and brands to create successful mobile experiences. App Annie has also redesigned its brand.

UPS and HubBox team up for UPS Access Point location integration. UPS has teamed up with HubBox to create an application that makes UPS Access Point locations in the U.S. and Europe visible in the checkout process. HubBox’s software integrates with most major ecommerce platforms. HubBox works with retailers to incorporate the “ship to a UPS Access Point” service into their website, which is an alternative to home delivery. Also, HubBox can connect to retailers’ label printing services, to streamline.

Amazon launches PayCode in the U.S. Amazon PayCode has launched in the U.S., allowing customers to choose PayCode at checkout and then pay for their purchase in cash at one of 15,000 Western Union locations. Items ship once customers pay. PayCode will be rolling out over the coming weeks. Separately, Amazon Cash, which enables consumers to load cash into their Amazon Balance for making online Amazon purchases, is now available in over 100,000 cash-loading locations nationwide.

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Pattern89 introduces AI tools for social media advertising. Pattern89, a marketing tech company using artificial intelligence in social media, has announced the launch of tools to evaluate ad performance through the digital advertising lifecycle. “Creative Simulator” predicts an ad’s creative performance before the ad runs. “Alert Performance Analysis” analyzes how AI-backed alerts impact performance, before and after an alert is implemented. Also, all advertising optimizations from the Pattern89 Console can now be implemented automatically with the new “Do Everything For Me” mode.

Splitit launches B2B payment platform. Splitit, a monthly installment payments service, has launched a business-to-business payment platform. Splitit Business Payments enables companies to offer buyers of inventory or services an interest-free, installment-credit option utilizing buyers’ existing business credit cards. The result for businesses is zero-interest transactions and improved cash flow.

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