Scrape along the mark once using the tile scorer and a metal ruler to prevent it from breaking in the wrong place.

To snap the tile, place a pencil or felt tip under the line and apply downward pressure on either side. You could also place the tile on the edge of a workbench and press down.

To tile around an obstacle, such as a toilet or pipe, you'll need to create an accurate paper template. To do this, first cut a piece of paper or card the same size as your tile.

In the area of the tile that will come into contact with the obstacle, cut a series of slits about 5-10mm apart that are slightly longer than the obstruction.

Place the template into position with the cut slits against the obstruction, remembering to take into account a 5mm gap for grout.

Remove the template from the obstacle, cut along the line and then check it fits exactly around the obstacle.

Lay the template on the tile and mark along the irregular edge with a pencil or felt tip pen. Then scratch over the line using a tile scorer; this will help the tile cut cleanly.

Tile nippers are used to cut curved or irregular lines. Use the steps above to create an accurate template of the obstacle you need to cut around, and then use it to mark a line on the tile.

Start cutting small chunks from the tile, working towards your line. When you get close to the line be extra careful, taking tiny pieces so you don’t over-cut or shatter the tile.

Once you’re on the line, you’ll need to smooth the edge down with a tile file or a piece of very fine sandpaper.

Lower the handle to bring the scorer into contact with the tile and either push or pull (depending on the cutter) to score once along the line.

Scrape along the mark using the tile scorer and a metal ruler to prevent it from breaking in the wrong place.

After marking your cut with a pencil, use the tile saw on a work bench and choose a slow cutting speed. Turn the tile rather than the tool to make the cut.

You’ll need to use a diamond blade wet-saw tile cutter that can cut tiles up to 25mm thick, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Remember to keep the water topped up or the blade might overheat.

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Securely hold the tile on a workbench and gently cut along the line, pulling the saw backwards and forwards.

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