Whether its bottlecaps, Lego figures, or m.u.s.c.l.e.s, any collector of small things will tell you that one of the challenging and fun aspects about that collecting life is finding effective storage solutions. There are several ways to store your collection, whether or not their on display. Officially licensed amiibo storage containers are becoming harder to find, but here are some great options for your ever-growing amiibo collection.

If you're looking to showcase your collection, this clear shelf is an inexpensive way to do it. This simple display is large enough to fit as many as 12 amiibo, depending on their size and shape, without making them feel crammed together.

If you have a decent number of amiibo that you would like to store away, you might want to consider this case. It's technically meant to house cups and mugs, but it's wide enough to provide the protection you want for your precious Nintendo figures. You can fit up to 12 amiibo in this bad boy.

This soft shell carrying case allows you to bring three of of your favorite amiibo with you while you travel. The protective inner liners keep the figures from getting damaged and hold them upright. You can easily tote it around using the convenient handle.

It might seem a bit like an abomination using a Disney Infinity case to store your Nintendo amiibo, but the fact is, this is one of the best protective cases for your NFC figures. It provides soft dividers to keep up to 15 figures upright and protected. And it also features a shoulder strap so you can carry it around hands free.

This is the perfect storage option for anyone with a large amiibo collection. It has space to store up to 27 figures in their own compartments and you can add additional tiers if necessary. The tiers can be detached so you can carry around as many or as little of your figures as you like.

This display allows you to show off your amiibo in a cool way. Arrange the individual risers as you see fit. You can purchase multiple sets to make the display area larger. Each riser is made of black leatherette and will look good in any home.

If you're wanting a simple and inexpensive way to store and display your Nintendo figures, this spice rack organizer is the way to go. The steps are coated with a rubber layer so your figures will stay securely in place. It comes in two sizes and three different color options for you to choose from.

This is a handy dandy little display case that'll show off your amiibo collection while keeping them free of dust. It also has tiered steps which will allow you to store about 14 amiibo.

Perhaps you have something a little fancier in mind for your amiibo collection. If so, you might want to take a look at this case. It offers three separate shelves upon which you could store nearly 30 amiibo. And dang they're going to look good on your wall!

If you like the idea of a fancy wooden case like the previous one, but you just don't have that many amiibo, then check out this one. I've seen more than a few people online showing off their amiibo collections in a repurposed baseball bat case. Simply mount the case horizontally on your wall and your amiibo will look awesome all lined up.

Alright, I get it. You're looking for something a little more utilitarian and a lot more reasonably priced. Don't worry, we have you covered there too. These stacking drawer boxes come in a pack of six and would be a great method of keeping your amiibo safe and out of the way. It's also a nice solution because as your collection grows, you can always add more.

When choosing a storage option for your amiibo, you'll want something that's the right size for your collection, or big enough for you to grow into. If you want to travel with your figures, you'll want something that keeps your figures protected in transit. If you want them on display, then you'll need something that showcases them to their best advantage. Official amiibo storage containers are getting harder to find, but we've found the best options on the market.

We recommend the Combination of Life 3 Step Acrylic Riser for anyone who wants to display their amiibo. It can hold up to 12 figures without making them look cluttered and it's an inexpensive option. If you plan on moving around with your figures, you'll want a case that protects them from bumps and jostling movements. In that case, we recommend the In This Space Twill Organizer as it features 12 different compartments protected behind a zippered lid.

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